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Corso online - Preposti - Aggiornamento quinquennale - Uffici (english version) - 6 ore

Corso online di aggiornamento in materia di sicurezza e salute sul lavoro per lavoratori che operano in attività di ufficio, personale commerciale, commessi, venditori, informatori. Five-year refresher training for office Supervisors

Price: 75,00 €

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Corso online - Preposti - Aggiornamento quinquennale - Manifattura e magazzinaggio (english version) - 6 ore

Corso online di aggiornamento quinquennale per Preposti del settore manifattura e magazzinaggio. Five-year refresher training for Supervisors in the manufacturing and warehousing sector

Price: 75,00 €


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eLearning courses Preposti

Who is the security officer?

The person in charge is a person who, within the limits of the hierarchical and functional powers appropriate to the nature of the task assigned to him, supervises the work activity and guarantees the implementation of the directives received from the employer, controlling their correct execution by the workers. Practically, the person in charge is a figure who is part of the system of prevention and protection from risks in the company and which has, as its primary role, that of supervising the workers and checking that the employer's directives in terms of safety and health at work are respected (such as, for example, checking that workers respect company laws and regulations regarding health and safety at work and check the correct use of PPE and the necessary equipment to perform their duties).

What are the obligations of the Compliance Officer?

  • supervise and ensure that workers respect the health and safety obligations in the workplace, that they correctly use PPE and collective protection devices;
  • report to supervisors direct the possible persistence of non-compliance by workers or the presence of anomalies in the health and safety system; allow access to potentially dangerous work areas only to authorized personnel;
  • manage the emergency and in case of serious, immediate and unavoidable danger arrange for the evacuation of the workplace or of the dangerous area by the workers;
  • inform workers exposed to the risk of a serious and immediate danger as soon as possible about the risk itself and the provisions taken or to be taken regarding protection;
  • to abstain, except in exceptional and motivated cases, from requiring workers to resume work if a situation of serious and immediate danger persists;
  • promptly report to the employer or manager both anomalies or insufficiencies of work equipment and PPE, and other dangerous conditions that occur during work, of which it becomes aware through third parties;
  • attend special training courses in accordance with article 37.

The obligations that a person in charge must comply with appear to be many and burdensome, but if executed to the letter they are vital to the correct functioning of the prevention and protection process and vital for the health and safety at work of the workers.

Who appoints the person responsible?

For the figure of the person in charge of safety, a direct and formal appointment by the employer is not necessary (as must be done for emergency workers), but it is the job - or rather the job role covered by a person at a certain time - to make him a provost. Whoever has a responsible role in a job is already a person in charge and one cannot refuse to be one because it is his role that makes him such (Article 299 of Legislative Decree 81/2008) . In general, the figure of the person in charge is identified in the team leaders, department heads, workshop chiefs, head of the room, etc., as it is their task to supervise and supervise the team, the department, the workshop or the room.

What training course should the safety officer make?

Legislative Decree 81/08 has expressly introduced the mandatory training for safety managers and health at work. This is a special and additional training compared to that for the workers, so the person in charge must have already done the general and specific training for workers for the type of risk of his company. This training course for persons in charge must have a total duration of at least 8 hours, common to all the macro-categories of corporate risk. The 2011 State-Regions Agreement provides for points 1 to 5 to be payable also in e-learning mode, points 6 to 8 of the module are to be carried out with face-to-face training.

What content should the training course for supervisors have?

The course must provide the Supervisors with the basic knowledge on safety and health in the workplace in application of current legislation that enables them to perform the tasks they perform in health and safety at work, with particular reference to to the innovations contained in Legislative Decree 81/2008 which reorganizes and reorganizes all the relevant legislation, highlighting the duties and responsibilities of the person in charge within the safety management system.

  1. main subjects of the company prevention system: tasks, obligations, responsibilities;
  2. relationship between the various internal and external subjects of the prevention system;
  3. definition and identification of risk factors;
  4. accidents and missed injuries;
  5. communication and awareness-raising techniques for workers, especially new employees, administrators, foreigners;
  6. risk assessment of the company, with particular reference to the context in which the person in charge operates;
  7. identification of technical, organizational and procedural prevention and protection measures;
  8. modalities of exercise of the function of control of the observance by workers of the provisions of the law and of the company concerning health and safety at work, and use of the collective and individual protection means made available to them.

What refresher course does the person in charge have to do?

After attending the basic course, the Supervisor must carry out a periodic five-year update in relation to his / her duties in the field of safety and health in the workplace, as required by art. 37 of Legislative Decree 81/08 and the Agreement between the Regions and State of 12/21/2011 lasting 6 hours with contents in compliance with the provisions of the Agreement:

  • significant developments in the protection of safety and health in the workplace, with particular attention to updates regarding the organization and management of safety in the company after Legislative Decree 81/2008;
  • new ways of managing employee training;
  • updates on risk sources and related preventive measures addressed through practical applications and - illustrative in-depth studies;
  • legal-regulatory in-depth analysis on the principles of safety and health protection in the workplace.