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The DynDevice LMS eLearning platform allows your company to do online training in a simple, complete and effective way. Watch the video: discover all the main features of our eLearning platform in 5 minutes and the advantages it can give to your business education.

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The DynDevice eLearning platform is an LMS (Learning Management System) provided in SAAS or installed on its own servers that allows you to create, deliver and manage all company training, with total control of activities and results.

With DynDevice LMS eLearning platform you can:


Use DynDevice LMS to centrally manage all company training, in whatever way it is done (eLearning, in the classroom or blended) and with the related document archive:

  • Manage course registration.
  • Create and issue certificates.
  • Create an archive of training documents (also previous).
  • Use automatic management of mandatory course deadlines with emails and notifications.
  • Manage funded training plans


Use DynDevice LMS to deliver pre-installed e-Learning courses, or exclusive courses for your company that you have personally created:

  • Provides eLearning courses on any device (PC, MAC, tablet, smartphone, Smart TV) also via the DynDevice app for Android and iOS.
  • Provides courses via LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) directly "inside" other e-Learning platforms and / or other software that support the LTI protocol.
  • Create a community of users on your eLearning training with chats, comments, message boards and forums to support and facilitate learning.
  • Enter the courses of competitive mechanics among the students (gamification) to stimulate and reward training activities.
  • It immediately delivers the over 150 pre-installed courses for Compliance and Quality, Digital tranformation, Food security, Safety at work, Soft skills development. For compulsory training on safety at work, over 110 courses are available for all safety figures, delivered by the DynDevice eLearning platform in full compliance with the technical requirements set out in the 2011 and 2016 State-Region Agreements.


Use DynDevice LMS to create training courses (e-Learning or blended) specific to your company and your training needs using an advanced SCORM editor or xAPI:

  • Easily create the eLearning courses that interest you with the visual editor / authoring tools in SCORM format (1.2 or 2004 3rd Edition).
  • Create and publish micro-learning courses with your videos, audios, texts, images and files in just a few minutes.
  • Create, program and completely manage classroom or blended courses: management of venues, classrooms and related bookings and teacher management.
  • Use the ability to auto-transcribe the content of the videos and audio present in your courses to ensure accessibility and improve indexing.
  • Create your courses with audio, video, text and file content starting from resources of any type and format (pdf, doc, ppt, xls, mov, mp3, etc.).
  • Use the ability to do personal video exam and verification without installing third-party software.
  • Create and broadcast web conferences or webinars directly within the eLearning platform.


Use DynDevice LMS to manage corporate human resources and increase their skills and skills:

  • Manage employee details, related contracts and all related documentation.
  • Automatically manage employee enrollment in courses based on their duties, skill levels, and predefined training paths.
  • Manage medical examinations of staff with deadlines, reservations and medical centers.
  • Manage tasks, skills / competences and related staff levels with visualization of individual gaps and improvement programs.
  • Use automatic reporting for mandatory tasks based on the number of employees and the type of business risk.
  • Manage employee attendance, holidays and permits.
  • Produce and deliver pay slips and reimbursement of expenses.
  • Create a corporate intranet.
  • Create Project Management with job scheduling and TODO


Activate the features of DynDevice LMS that turn your eLearning platform into a powerful tool for the promotion and marketing your activities:

  • Sell your courses through e-Commerce directly in the eLearning delivery platform.
  • Fully manage all content aimed at the audience of your e-learning platform.
  • Use the direct marketing promotional newsletters (DEM) to advertise your courses or services to current and potential customers.
  • Use advanced modules to improve and complete training activities (Assistance, Banners, Calendar, Educational Chat, Assistance Chat, Comments, GDPR Cookies ,, SEO, Data-Dyn Viewer, DT-Form, Dyn Maps, Forum, Magazine, News , Photo gallery, PHP-Eval, Search, Socials Share, SMS Sender, Subscription Management and many other additional features).

The DynDevice LMS eLearning platform allows the creation and delivery of training content (completely customized to the specific training needs of the company) compatible with W3C standards, accessible and usable also with mobile devices in responsive mode, or through the App DynDevice (also customized).

The DynDevice LMS eLearning platform is equipped with API (application programming interface) useful for integrating it fully into third-party software (management, CRM or e-commerce sites, with SSO login (single sign-on) via SAML 2, login via SPID or smart-card (CNS, CEI, etc.).

The DynDevice LMS eLearning platform is perfectly suited to compulsory training for Occupational Health and Safety because it complies with the criteria and conditions indicated by the State-Region Agreements of 21 December 2011 and 7 July 2016.

The DynDevice LMS eLearning platform can be supplied with the pre-installed e-learning training courses of Mega Italia Media (over 150 titles for company training, divided into topics: Compliance and quality, Digital transformation, Food security, Safety at work and Soft skills development).

The DynDevice LMS eLearning platform has been chosen over the years by dozens of multinational companies with instructions and assistance in Italian.


Would you like to learn more about the functions and technical features of the DynDevice LMS eLearning platform?


What is an LMS (Learning Management System)?

LMS is the acronym of Learning Management System (in Italian it translates into "training management system"), also called eLearning platform. It is the software (for example, like DynDevice LMS) that allows you to deliver and manage all the corporate training in eLearning mode (therefore with online fruition via internet). The same eLearning platform can also be used by the creators of eLearning courses to create their online training products and (in the specific case of DynDevice LMS) to offer them on the market through the e-Learning platform itself, or via LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability).

What is an eLearning platform?

The eLearning platform is a technological system that allows learning by means of multimedia courses usable above all via the Internet ”. More simply, e-learning is a type of training that allows you to take courses directly online. The fundamental novelty of the eLEarning platform is that it allows learning through the use of technology, allowing companies to distribute training courses on a large scale in all business activities tailored to their needs.

How to use an eLearning platform?

Once enrolled in an e-learning course you will be provided via email with the web address of the platform, a user name and a password. Very simply, the user must type in the web address of the e-learning platform, enter the user name and password and access his student profile, where he finds the course (or courses) that have been assigned to him and that he must perform.

How are the courses available on the eLearning platform built?

The e-learning courses on the LMS platform contain texts, videos, audio files, quizzes, exercises and other content that allow the user to interact in person. Each course is different in terms of content, structure and type of material, but there are some common elements:

  • the teaching modules: the e-learning courses are usually divided into modules, ie chapters. Almost always you need to finish a module in order to move on to the next one.
  • the tracking of educational activity: every user activity is monitored. In practice, the platform records the time in which the user is connected, the modules he visits, the tests he makes, the errors, etc.
  • interaction spaces: (virtual) sections in which you can interact with tutors, teachers or other students enrolled in the course. The interaction can be a chat (you write in real time), a forum (you write and the recipient will answer when it is online), a call / video call.
  • the tests: usually written tests (cross, open questions, multiple answers, etc.) with or without voting, which are used to monitor the user's learning level.

What are the latest trends in eLearning training?

  • Video learning: online learning mode through videos recorded by teachers and teachers on a specific topic;
  • Mobile learning: online learning mode on smartphones and tablets that manages to follow the user at any time of his day, also optimizing teaching times;
  • Gamification: online learning mode that sees the involvement of the "students" as its best asset. The game motivates and activates resources;
  • Social learning: learning methods as a social experience within which all users - employees and teachers - are called to intervene. The teaching method can be shared, commented and updated at any time;
  • Micro learning: online learning methods in pills, in a small format that allows users to have maximum freedom and flexibility; Blended learning: a mixed learning technique that feeds on educational content enjoyed in class and online content

What are the main features of an eLearning platform?

  • Allow for dynamic and relevant training, presenting the right content at the right time.
  • Promote continuous and in-depth training.
  • Involve participants in a training course with group activities and discussions.
  • Customize the educational content, service and individual approach to the needs of the individual student.
  • Encourage the learning rhythm of each different student.

What are the advantages of a company using an eLearning platform?

An eLearning platform for business training offers companies numerous economic, organizational and human resource management benefits. The main ones are:

  • Centralized management of all training activities, with total control of activities
  • Unique, organized and easily accessible archive of all documentation
  • Training available from any device, at any time, 7 days a week
  • Creation and provision of training courses with their own contents and targeted to their own needs

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