Mega Italia Media Certifications

Since 1988 Mega Italia Media helps companies, organizations, consultants and trainers to carry out corporate training in a simple, effective and legally valid way.
Mega Italia Media guarantees the quality and effectiveness of its services and training products with a complete system of certifications and accreditations.

Ethical code

Mega Italia Media, through the adopted Code of Ethics, establishes the guiding principles of the behavior of top management, employees and the "stakeholders" of the company, such as:

  • the Public Administration;
  • customers
  • employees;
  • providers;
  • external collaborators;
  • associations and the local community.

The conviction of acting in the interest of society, cannot in any way justify the assumption of behavior conflicting with the principles reported in the code of ethics.
The company will not start or continue any business relationship with those who do not intend to align themselves with these principles.

Download the PDF of the Ethical Code of Mega Italia Media