The policy of comments

The Mega Italia Media sites offer dedicated space to comment on the products in the online store. This service is open to everyone. To ensure that they are useful to all, these spaces are subject to some common rules of civil coexistence:

  • the comment must always be relevant to the topic you are talking about (in topic)
  • never write offensive and offensive comments with respect to anyone
  • moderate language, avoid vulgar, racist or sexist phrases and terminologies
  • avoid as per netiquette to point out any syntax errors or typing in a post
  • do not include content that is defamatory or violates Italian laws
  • do not insert advertisements, advertising links or references to other sites
  • avoid using capital letters: on the internet it means SHOUTING
  • To ensure traceability in the event of legal proceedings, each IP address is associated with the IP number of the user who published it.

The editors undertake to follow as closely as possible what is published in the forums and will cancel any post judged to be contrary to the Policy.