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Corso online - Dirigenti - Aggiornamento (english version) - 6 ore

Corso online di aggiornamento in materia di sicurezza e salute sul lavoro per Dirigenti di tutti i settori o comparti aziendali. Five-year refresher training for Managers for all sectors

Price: 75,00 €

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Corso online - Dirigenti - Sicurezza sul lavoro (english version) - 16 ore

Corso online di formazione generale per i Dirigenti di tutti i settori o comparti aziendali. Executives training

Price: 190,00 €


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eLearning courses Dirigenti

Who is the security manager?

In the art. 2 of Legislative Decree n. 81/2008, the safety manager is defined as: "a person who, due to the professional skills and hierarchical and functional powers adequate to the nature of the task assigned to him, implements the employer's directives by organizing working and watching over it ".

Specifically, the security manager is a guarantee figure that - following the proven professional skills - supports the employer in the implementation tasks of the safety management system and health in the workplace by implementing the employer's directives, organizing the work activity and carrying out adequate checks.

How is the security manager appointed?

Since the security officer can have organizational and managerial obligations, it should be formally delegated by the employer with a written document with a certain date, where it is clearly shown that the delegate possesses all the requisites of professionalism and experience required by the specific nature of the delegated functions and where the delegate is expressly granted all the organization, management and control powers required by the specific nature of the delegated functions, also providing him with spending autonomy necessary for the performance of delegated functions.

This delegation must be accepted by the delegate in writing and must be given adequate and timely publicity within the company. However, the delegation of functions does not exclude the obligation of supervision on the part of the employer in order to correctly carry out the transferred functions by the delegate.

Naturally, all employer obligations that the decree 81/08 explicitly defines as non-delegable (the assessment of all risks with the subsequent processing of the risk assessment document and the designation of the Head of the Prevention and Protection Service).

What training course does the Safety Manager have to do?

For the Security Director the State-Regions Agreement of 21 December 2011 - implementing the article 37 of Legislative Decree 81/2008 - provides for a specific training course for managers paid by the employer for the minimum duration of 16 hours with a five-year deadline which fully replaces the training provided for workers.

The contents of the course for safety manager include four teaching modules (module 1 Legal - regulatory; module 2 Management and organization of security; module 3 Identification and assessment of risks; form 4 communication, training and consultation of workers) which provide the manager with basic knowledge on safety and health in the workplace, illustrating the legislation on health and safety at work, with particular reference to the innovations contained in the D .Lgs. 81/2008, and highlight the duties and responsibilities of the manager within the safety management system.

This executive training course can be conducted in eLearning mode under the State-Region Agreements of December 21, 2011 and July 7, 2016.

What safety course should the safety manager do?

Article 37 paragraph 7 of Legislative Decree 81/2008 provides, with reference to security executives, the obligation to carry out a five-year refresher course, with a minimum duration of 6 hours for all levels of risk in relation to their duties in the field of health and safety at work, according to the methods and educational content specified in the State-Regions agreement of 21 December 2011 which provide for updating and the deepening of the following topics:

  • legal regulatory insights
  • technical updates on the risks to which workers are exposed
  • update on organization and security management in the company
  • sources of risk and related preventive measures

The refresher course for the manager must therefore adapt the knowledge necessary to continue to carry out the task of d security referee under Article 37 of Legislative Decree 81/2008.

The lack of training of the Manager is one of the serious violations that constitute the prerequisite for the adoption of the suspension of entrepreneurial activity and the issuing of sanctions for the Employer and the manager consisting of arrest for two to four months or a fine from 1,200 to 5,200 euros.