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Our eLearning courses on Office Suite programs (Word, Excel, Access, Power Point and Outlook) available in basic (for beginners) and advanced (for expert and professional use) versions.


Microsoft ACCESS

Microsoft ACCESS 2010 - Basic Level - 4 ore

70,00 €

Microsoft ACCESS 2010 - Advanced Level - 7 ore

90,00 €

Microsoft EXCEL

Microsoft EXCEL 2016 - Basic Level - 8 ore

70,00 €

Microsoft EXCEL 2016 - Intermediate Level - 9 ore

80,00 €

Microsoft EXCEL 2016 - Advanced Level - 6 ore

90,00 €

Microsoft EXCEL 2016 - Advanced Level - Complete - 21 ore

150,00 €

Microsoft EXCEL 2010 - Basic Level - 5 ore

70,00 €

Microsoft EXCEL 2010 - Advanced Level - 8 ore

90,00 €


Microsoft POWER POINT 2010 - Advanced Level - 11 ore

90,00 €

Microsoft PROJECT

Microsoft PROJECT 2013 - Basic Level - 5 ore

70,00 €

Microsoft PROJECT 2013 - Advanced Level - 8 ore

90,00 €

Microsoft WORD

Microsoft WORD 2016 - Basic Level - 6 ore

70,00 €

Microsoft WORD 2016 - Advanced Level - 12 ore

90,00 €

Microsoft WORD 2010 - Basic Level - 5 ore

70,00 €

Microsoft WORD 2010 - Advanced Level - 11 ore

90,00 €

What are Office courses?

The courses offer an excellent and valid solution for acquiring the knowledge (basic or advanced) useful for mastering the functions of the different programs that make up the Office Suite and making the most of them in work and personal activities.

Who are the Office courses for?

The Offici courses are aimed at all employees who need to improve their skills in using the PC and specifically the applications of the office suite. The computer science courses are preparatory for obtaining the Microsoft IC3 or ECDL certification.

Why participate in the Office courses?

It is important to run the Office courses to learn how to correctly use the main software related to office work, specializing, in particular, in the use of the Office package (Word, Excel, Access, Email and Internet browsing). The courses allow students to reach a good preparation in the use of the main computer programs required by small and medium-sized enterprises.

What are the contents of the Office courses?

The contents of the courses are differentiated according to the course carried out, with the aim of letting the employees and workers who use the computer know all the functions contained in the five main programs of the Office package: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access , Project.

The Microsoft Access course allows you to learn the basic concepts for the creation of relational databases and for the development of management applications; The Microsoft Excel course allows you to learn how to use the powerful spreadsheet; The Microsoft PowerPoint course leads to a complete and in-depth knowledge of PowerPoint allowing you to make full use of its graphic and multimedia potential; The Microsoft Project course teaches ways and concepts to understand how to start, manage and plan any type of project; The Microsoft Word course provides useful information for those who want to use Word in a basic or advanced way.